Fuse is a mobile venture builder. We combine a fantastic inhouse team of engineers, our proprietary platform and the best bits of Agile development practice to launch great mobile businesses that solve problems of discovery and choice for users.

What’s it like to work here?

Here’s a list of some of the things that our engineers value. If it sounds like the right kind of environment for you, why not get in touch?

  • - We do our best to solve real user problems with our products, and have a data driven approach to finding out if we are doing that.
  • - We have high standards, and produce work that we’re proud of. We trust each other, and are personally accountable across the whole team.
  • - We’re free to make our own technology decisions
  • - We never stop learning

The team

Olly Cooper
Olly Cooper CEO
Dovile Hann
Dovile Hann Finance Director
Toby Stephens
Toby Stephens Head of Engineering
Jason Tabima Garcia
Jason Tabima Garcia Project Manager
Ugo Anomelechi
Ugo Anomelechi Senior Software Engineer
Monika Armonaite
Monika Armonaite Management Accountant
Anna Bauza
Anna Bauza Software Engineer
Carlos Engel Espinosa
Carlos Engel Espinosa UX / UI Lead
Kyran Leech
Kyran Leech Graphic Designer
Am Mustafa
Am Mustafa Software Engineer
Ramiz Nathani
Ramiz Nathani Innovation Analyst
Sascha Peter
Sascha Peter Software Engineer
Zayd Shaikh
Zayd Shaikh Software Engineer
Maninder Soor
Maninder Soor Software Engineer

The board

Charles Mindenhall
Charles Mindenhall Chairman
Manoj Badale
Manoj Badale Director
Dan Cobley
Dan Cobley Director
Tobias Peggs
Tobias Peggs Non Executive Director

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